13-year-old gains A* GCSE


Isaac Roberts, a 13-year-old pupil at Sibford School near Banbury, is celebrating after gaining a GCSE A* in Mathematics.

The Year 8 pupil, who has been at the Quaker School since the age of 5, sat the exam alongside his Year 11 colleagues.

“I was very nervous before I took the exam and it was a bit strange walking into the exam room because all the others were looking at me,” he said. “ But I find it easy to remember formulas and once I got going it was OK.

“Even so I was really surprised and excited when I got the result.”

Maths teacher Jayne Woolley said: “I could see that Isaac was a gifted mathematician when I first started teaching him in Year 3. He is very conscientious and understands most things straight away … and if can’t understand something he will talk it through until he gets it.”

Sibford head Michael Goodwin said: “We had every confidence that Isaac would succeed at GCSE Maths, but to gain an A* is especially impressive.

“Our congratulations go to Isaac and also to all our Year 11 students who did so well in Maths, especially Myles Atherstone, Abi Cooley, Megan Denham, Vladimir Ip, Primrose Moss and Josh Mulhearn who also gained A* grades.”

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