Historical Photographs

Sibford School was established in 1842 as a co-educational boarding school for the children of Quaker families.
The first recorded pupil was nine-year-old Lucy Endall who entered the school on 16 January 1842. She arrived by carrier cart from Banbury, bringing with her: a straw bonnet; cloak, two gowns, a pair of coloured stays, two dark skirts, two flannel petticoats, three strong shifts, two nightgowns and caps, two linen pinafores, two pocket handkerchiefs, two pairs of stockings, two pairs of stout shoes and a ruff for the neck!

New head, Toby Spence, who joins the school in September 2016, was preceded by just 11 other heads …

Richard Routh 1842 – 1880
Robert Oddie 1880 – 1906
James Harrod 1906 – 1930
Arthur Johnstone 1930 – 1956
Hugh Maw 1956 – 1962
Jonas Fielding 1962 – 1972
Kenneth Greaves 1972 – 1980
Jim Graham 1980 – 1989
John Dunston 1990 -1996
Sue Freestone 1997 – 2004
Michael Goodwin 2004 – 2016

Notable old scholars include the late actor Paul Eddington, film director Guy Ritchie, adventurer Charley Boorman and Mark Logue, grandson of Lionel Logue, speech therapist to King George VI.

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