Sibford Junior School

In the Junior School, outdoor education provides opportunities for strong emotional growth, development of social skills and self-esteem.
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Sibford Junior School, which caters for children from the age of three to 11, occupies its own distinctive area of the school’s 50-acre campus. This means it can operate as a self-contained unit while still being part of the whole school.

In line with our Quaker ethos, our junior children are encouraged to think and act in a way that encourages self-respect, understanding and tolerance. They quickly learn that they are supported through their mistakes and failings and applauded for their successes. This enhances self-esteem and encourages an enduring sense of personal value and a belief that we all have something to offer.

Opportunities exist for children of varying abilities and talents to flourish and discover the space to grow. Parents of children who join us are amazed how soon they become more comfortable with themselves and begin to thrive.

The teaching day runs from 8.30am through until 4.00pm (4.15pm on Fridays), however, children can be dropped off anytime from 8.00am and after-school care and tea is offered until 6.00pm (Monday-Thursday). We also offer flexible sessions for our very youngest pupils … either in the form of a limited number of days per week or a number of half-days.

Child Care Vouchers can be used to offset fees for children up to the age of five. Sibford is also registered for the Nursery Grant Scheme, which means parents of three and four-year-old pupils can qualify for a specified number of free childcare sessions.

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Rejoice in the presence of children and young people … and recognise the gifts they bring.

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