Pastoral Care

The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent. ISI report 2015 ~ to view a full copy of the ISI report click here.

At Sibford School we value and nurture individual talents, respect each other and help each individual to become the very best they possibly can.

We are an academically strong school. We achieve excellent results and aim to cultivate a thirst for life-long learning. But we don’t just want our pupils to succeed academically; we are also passionate about their emotional well-being and social welfare.

We support our pupils with a pastoral system that helps them to appreciate themselves as individuals, understand their relationships with others, and to participate in society as competent and caring people.

Staff are always ready to listen and act on pupil concerns, which means that any difficulties can be addressed quickly. The school has its own health centre and employs a registered nurse. We also employ an independent listener and provide a Counselling Service.
We believe in providing an opportunity for the student voice to be heard, understood and wherever possible responded to in a way that enhances our community.

Pupils are encouraged to be an active part of the school community and to develop a strong sense of social responsibility and respect for others demonstrating core Quaker values.

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