Bringing the past to life

journeymenThe Journeymen Theatre Company visited Sibford School on Monday to stage two productions.

‘Lover of Souls’ is the story of Elizabeth Hooton, the first female Quaker missionary and an English dissenter who was beaten and imprisoned for propagating her beliefs. ‘Over the Top’, meanwhile, focuses on the increasing influence of military values, particularly in schools, and examines the issue through the polarised approaches of two characters, Kathy, a passionate advocate for peace with a tragically personal ‘take’ on conflict and her son’s Head Teacher, Dr Roberts, who is both a pragmatist and an ardent supporter of all things military.

Lynn Morris of the Journeymen Theatre Company said: “We specialise in plays that have a Quaker theme or that focus on issues that concern Quakers, for example asylum seekers, refugees and, as in the case of ‘Over the Top’, military influences. This play was commissioned by the West Midlands Quaker Peace Committee in response to the increasing influence of military values in everyday life, especially in our schools, and typically we follow the performance with a discussion session.”

Zoë Simms, Sibford’s head of RS Philosophy and Ethics, added: “The performances were watched by our Year 7 RS pupils, who are currently studying Quakerism and historical religious figures, and our Year 11 RS GCSE class, who are studying War, Peace and Justice. Having such visual lessons is a great enhancement to learning and we are grateful to the Journeymen Theatre Company for joining us.”

  • Lynn Morris, as Elizabeth Hooton, is pictured with Sibford pupils.
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