Everest Adventurer tells his tale at Sibford School

Matt Dickinson with Sibford School students during his book signing

Matt Dickinson, an award-winning author, film maker and mountaineer visited Sibford School to give a talk to students.

Matt Dickinson, who has worked for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel is now a celebrate author. He visited Sibford School as a belated World Book Day treat for students, to promote his series of books titled ‘The Everest Files’.

Children from 4 local schools, as well as Sibford School enjoyed listening to Matt talk all about his Everest adventures. Matt got the children involved by telling them to ‘forget about’ school for an hour and transported them to Everest base camp by sharing both videos and photos from his numerous expeditions.

Matt spoke enthusiastically about his own adventures and encouraged his audience to follow their own dreams, ‘no matter how crazy they may be’. Sibford School encourages children to ‘live adventurously’ so a visit from Matt helped to inspire the children in attendance.

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