Sibford School requires that an official UK-based guardian must be appointed for any pupil whose parents live overseas, even if the pupil is in the sixth form and over the age of 18.

The guardian should:

  • Be contactable during term time at any time, day or night, in case of emergency; supply the school with emergency contact details; and notify the school if they plan to be away or are unable to carry out their responsibilities for a period of time.
  • Be responsible for the pupil (in loco parentis) at all times when the parents are not contactable; this may include having a pupil to stay if they have an illness/injury which requires them to be out of school for several days or if they are unable to stay at school for any other reason (including suspension).
  • Be responsible for the care of a boarder who, in the view of the school nurse or doctor, should not remain in school due to serious injury or contagious illness.
  • Be responsible for making suitable arrangements for the pupil during holidays and exeat weekends, when the pupil is unable to go home/join parents. Please note, pupils cannot remain at the school during the holidays.
  • Inform the school of arrangements for holidays and exeat weekends well in advance and to adhere to the school dates and times for each term.
  • Be responsible for making travel arrangements for the pupil at the start and end of each term/half term and for exeat weekends, including responsibility for students whose travel arrangements mean arrival before the start of term, or departure after the end of term.
  • Be over the age of 24 and able to speak, read and write English to a competent level.

The Guardian will:

  • Be free to contact the school during term time concerning the pupil’s progress and regarding arrangements.
  • Receive notification of school announcements and holidays.
  • Be welcome at school functions and to visit at pre-arranged times.
  • Be encouraged to take an interest in the pupil’s progress and welfare and, when possible, attend parents’ evenings.

The school does not get involved with guardianship fees and costs. This is a matter solely between parents and guardians. However, we are happy to provide names of Guardians who have a good reputation.
If the guardian is unable to carry out their responsibilities when required, the school will appoint a short term guardian and parents will be invoiced for any additional costs incurred.
In cases where a member of the family or a family friend is acting as the guardian, all of the above still applies.

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