Inspirational speakers

anne-wattsJohn-HoskisonTwo inspirational individuals have been sharing their experiences with pupils at Sibford School.

Nurse Anne Watts has worked in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones: she helped victims of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; was in Lebanon during the Israeli occupation of the early 80s; and worked in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.

Anne visited Sibford to speak to senior school pupils about her experiences.

Sophie Hills, age 14, said: “Anne was very engaging and inspiring. It was great that she was able to share her personal story.”

Meanwhile, former professional golfer John Hoskison, visited Sibford to speak to Sixth Form students about ‘Risks and Consequences’.

John enjoyed a successful career that included leading England in the European Team Championships. However, in 1994, he shattered his idyllic life when he accepted a drink before driving. On his journey home he hit and killed a cyclist and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Hannah Wildwood, 18, said: “John was extraordinary. He told us how grateful he was to the widow of his victim. She forgave him and made him feel he had a right to be in the community again. John has since tried to make up for what happened by speaking to over 80,000 young people about the dangers of taking unnecessary risks.”



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