Mark Cadbury guests at prize-giving


Mark is pictured with sixth form students Sydonie Brewis, Joe Slatter, Tom Meredith and Abi Cooley.

Mark Cadbury, a trustee of The George Cadbury Trust and managing director of Cadbury Communications Ltd, was guest speaker at Sibford School’s annual Evening of Celebration.

The event, which acknowledges the success of Sibford’s GCSE and A Level students, took place at the school on Thursday (11 September).

Although it was Mark’s first visit to Sibford, the school has strong ties with the Cadbury family … it was Mark’s Great Grandmother, Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, who performed the opening ceremony of the current campus back in 1930.

“It really is a pleasure to come to Sibford School,” Mark told an audience of more than 170 people. “The George Cadbury Trust is a grant making trust looked after by five trustees who are all descendants of George Cadbury and I hope that the Trust will be able to work with Sibford School in the future … the future is, after all, what you, the students, are all about.

“I arrived early today to get a feel about the school, and it is about that atmosphere of caring and respect. You’d expect that in a Quaker School to a certain extent, but I think there’s something really special here and it’s shown by all the people who’ve been up on stage tonight and received their prizes.”


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