Nursery and Reception Curriculum

Young children learn best by direct experience and so we ensure that most of the learning is hands-on. Objects and materials that aid development are made fully accessible, and role-play and sensory areas are changed frequently to provide variety and stimulus.

Our carefully planned curriculum takes into account the interests and pre-occupations of each child and they are given time to contemplate, explore and consider so that their understanding becomes secure.

Nursery children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their vocabulary and explore sounds. They listen to a story at least twice a day. Maths is all about counting and learning the number names.

In Reception Class, children start learning to identify and write letters and sounds. Each child is heard or read with every day. Initially maths is very much play-based however, as the academic year progresses; the children begin to learn calculation skills as well as how to write numbers and mathematical symbols. We acknowledge that children develop at different rates and this is taken into account when planning the curriculum.

Outdoor learning is an integral part of the Nursery and Reception programme at Sibford School and supports all aspects of the curriculum: for example, counting is learnt outdoors using natural resources such as leaves and acorns.

We also undertake regular ‘Forest School’ sessions where children participate in engaging, motivating and achievable activities in a safe woodland environment.

Reception and Nursery children eat their lunch in the Dining Room alongside their teachers. We believe lunchtime is an important part of the day which can aid the social development of young children. Lunch is therefore provided for all pupils (including those joining us for half days).

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