Pork day at Sibford School

sibfordf_school_pigPupils at Sibford School  will discover some of the many different ways you can serve pork when they sit down for lunch on Friday (26 September).

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver describes pork as ‘great value and a wonderful carrier of flavours’ … and Sibford’s catering team are going all out to demonstrate the many varied ways that the meat can be cooked.

Friday’s menu will include traditional roasted leg served with apple sauce; pulled slow cooked shoulder served with stuffing; grilled sausages in onion gravy; loin chops with Dijon sauce; and slow cooked belly with five-spice.

And it’s not only a lesson in culinary skills that the pupils will be receiving … because the pigs used to provide the raw ingredients were all reared at the school.

Said Sibford chef Mark Higgins: “I think it’s really important that children learn about the origins of their food. Here at Sibford we strive to buy local produce wherever possible … and you can ‘t get more local than pigs reared on school premises!”

Of course not all the food on Friday’s menu will involve pork … other lunchtime treats will include Macaroni Cheese … the school’s most popular vegetarian choice.


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