Public health threat in the spotlight

Dr Gareth Langley,  a postdoctoral researcher working on the development of new anti-bacterial therapies, will be visiting Sibford School near Banbury later this month.

Dr Langley, who is based at the University of Oxford, will be guest speaker at the school’s latest Café Scientifique which takes place on Thursday 11 October and is open to pupils, parents and the general public.

His talk is titled: ‘The Beginnings of a Post-Antibiotic Age? The Threat of Anti-Microbial Resistance: A Very Real and Underappreciated Public Health Risk’.

“Many millions of lives have been saved by the use of antibiotics such as the penicillins,” said Dr Langley “however, in response to the use of antimicrobial agents, resistant bacterial strains have emerged and present a severe threat to public health.

“In Europe alone, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is believed to contribute to in excess of  25,000 deaths every year, however,  despite the strong need for new therapies, hardly any new, effective antibiotics have been brought to the market in the recent past.

“This talk will present a brief introduction to antibiotics and AMR, whilst giving an overview of the threat and challenges presented by AMR and why the development of new antimicrobial therapies is particularly challenging.”

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