Pupils achieve beyond expectations


Sibford students studying science subjects achieved better grades than predicted.

Pupils at Sibford School are performing better than predicted across more than 10 subject areas, according to Value Added Results.

Figures calculated by the CEM Centre at Durham University show that Sibford students achieved results that were ‘statistically significant’ better than predicted in Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry, French, History, ICT, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies, Core Science and Statistics.

Sibford Head, Michael Goodwin, said: “What this means in layman’s terms is that, on average, students who took GCSEs in these subjects last summer achieved at least half a grade higher than their measured potential would have predicted. So, for example, a student predicted to gain a mid A grade will, on average, have gained an A* grade.

“As a non selective school we take pupils of all abilities, and to be able to demonstrate that we are adding this value to the education of our young people is excellent news to be starting the New Year with.”

Year 9 children from many schools across the country undergo a test (known as INSIGHT) that measures developed ability and provides a benchmark of potential. These baselines are then used by Durham University to measure how well pupils have done.

Explained Michael Goodwin: “For an improvement to be regarded as ‘statistically significant’ the child’s results are generally at least half a grade higher than this test would have predicted.

“I am absolutely delighted that in the majority of our ‘statistically significant’ results, all are higher than half a grade … and some of our results are nearer to a whole grade or even one-and-a-half grades higher.

“Furthermore, while not ‘statistically significant’ the report also shows that we have positive value-added results in a further eight subjects.”

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