Pupils swing into the rainforest


Pictured in the rainforest are six-year-olds Arthur Nash and Emma Forster-Searle.

Junior pupils at Sibford School arrived back after the Christmas break to find their classrooms transformed into rainforests … complete with snakes, parrots, monkeys and gorillas!

For the next six weeks the school will be operating a ’creative curriculum’ with lessons in nearly all subject areas being based around the rainforest.

Junior school assistant head, Edward Rossiter explained: “By introducing a thematic approach to teaching we are supporting the children’s natural curiosity and stimulating their creativity.

“While Geography is an obvious connection, all subjects can be related back to the rainforest. In History, for example, we will be finding out about the European explorers who first discovered these strange lands; in Music, we will be looking at tribal rhythms; and the connection even carries over to French, where the story of Mamba et l’oiseau-crocodile’ will be used as the basis for the language lessons.

“The children were so excited to find their classrooms decked out in every shade of green imaginable … complete with leaves, fronds and fluffy animals hanging from the ceilings … that coming back to lessons after the break didn’t seem like a challenge at all!

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