Radio star and author visits Sibford

Award-winning radio star and author, Christian O’Connell, visited Sibford School to talk about his life, career and his debut kid’s book, ‘Radio Boy’.

Christian told the children: “You are the most important people on this planet. You are the future. Enjoy the ride.”

Explaining how he had wanted to be a radio DJ since hearing Steve Wright at the age of 13 he said: “I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘whatever he’s doing I want to do something like that’. It took me 13 years and numerous rejection letters telling me give up on the idea, but I hung on to my goal and got there in the end. You have to keep the dream alive.”

Christian began writing children’s books because he “felt like I had a story share.” He told pupils: “Most books begin with a question, and the glory of being a writer is that in a book you can make anything happen and there are no consequences.”

Following the talk, which was also attended by pupils from Carrdus School and Wroxton Primary School, Christian took part in a book signing session.


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