Science success for GCSE pupils


GCSE students Edgar Pascot-Cooper, Mari M’boge, Grace Kemp and Sydonie Brewis and (back) Sibford head Michael Goodwin.

There were celebrations at Sibford School today following the release of GCSE results.

In particular the school recorded some outstanding results in science subjects, with 100% of pupils taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics gaining all A*-C grades and four students ~ Myles Atherstone, Georgia Braddyll-Brown, Thomas Meredith and Primrose Moss ~ achieving A*s in all three subjects.

Primrose also achieved top grades in all of her other subjects resulting in a total collection of 11 A*s; Georgia gained another two A*s for English Literature and RE together with six A grades; while Myles achieved an additional A* in Maths and four A grades. Thomas complimented his A*s with a further six A grades.

Other students achieving all A* or A grades were Abigail Coolley (7 A*s and 5 As), Megan Denham (3 A*s and 6 As), Ghislaine Howard (2 A*s and 7 As) Vladimir Ip (3A*s and 3 As), Edgar Pascot Cooper (1 A* and 7 As).

Overall, 66 pupils took GCSEs with 83.9% of pass grades being A* – C. This was slightly lower than last year, but according to Sibford head Michael Goodwin there was an increase in the number of pupils achieving 5 or more grades at C or better, and a significant improvement on the numbers of pupils achieving 5 grades including English and Maths.

“I am never enthusiastic about percentage scores because they don’t reflect the real achievements of individuals,” he said. “This year we have some pupils for whom a D grade represents a very significant achievement and I would like to congratulate these students, just as much as those who have achieved the top grades.

“I am especially delighted that we have done so well in science, especially when the exams watchdog Ofqual has predicted a ‘small drop’ in science grades, and would like to offer my special thanks to our science staff who have offered so much encouragement to pupils this year. As ever, we have performed above predicted grades across the board.”

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