Sibford celebrates Grade 9 results

Year 11 student Edward has become the first Sibford School pupil to achieve a grade 9 in both English Language and English Literature.

The new grade, which has currently only been introduced in English and Mathematics, is, according to Ofqual: ‘not the same as A*; it’s a new grade, designed to recognise the very highest performing students.’

Sibford School Head Toby Spence said: “The government has said that the introduction of the new scale is to inject more rigour into the exam system. We had been warned that there would be far fewer grade 9s awarded this year compared to the number of A*s that were awarded last year, so for Ed to achieve this new grade in both his English papers was a fabulous achievement.”

Alongside a wealth of A and A* grades, Sibford School students gained a total of six grade 9s … three in English Language, one in English Literature and two in Mathematics.

In addition to his grade 9s, Edward achieved a grade 7 in Mathematics (equivalent to an old A grade), four A*s and three As.

He said: “I’m relieved .. and shocked. I didn’t know what to expect with the new grades but I certainly didn’t think I’d get two 9s”

Overall, Sibford students gained top grades (A* – A and 9 – 7) in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Media, Music, PE, RS, Russian, Additional Science, Applied Science, Statistics and Textiles. Four Year 10 students also achieved A*s and As in General Studies.

Pictured: Edward with Sibford Head Toby Spence

GCSE Results Table

Year No. pupils entered No. GCSE entries % pupils achieving at least five A* – C
(Grade 9-4 included from 2017)
%pass grades A* – G
2017  55  433  77.8  100
2016 50 460 78 99.8
2015 54 509 85.2 99.9
2014 57 522 82.5 99.8
2013 66 612 87.9 100
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