Sibford pupils set new world record


Pictured at the start of the world record attempt are pupils Louise O’Donnell and Stephen Katterman, science teacher Felicity Dyndor and Dr Jennifer Bardsley

A new record for the world’s largest memory game has been set at 2,109 participants, and 48 pupils from Sibford School near Banbury were among them.

Participants at 40 venues across the UK and one in Bahrain simultaneously played a 10-minute memory game. The game was also played live on BBC Radio 1.

Organised by the Society of Biology as the climax to Biology Week, the game, took place at 2.30pm on Friday 19 October 2012 and explored the phenomenon of false memories. But it was only this week that Guinness confirmed it as a world record.

Sibford School science teacher, Felicity Dyndor, said: “We were very excited to hear the news that a world record had been set and to know that we had played our part in it. We are grateful to Dr Jennifer Bardsley, Research Project Development Manager at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Medicine, and Kath Randall, a member of our school governing body, who joined us to verify our involvement.” Dr Mark Downs, chief executive of the Society of Biology, said: “The way our brains store memories is fascinating, and it is important to study this to help us tackle diseases such as Alzheimer’s. We are delighted to have set such a large world record – congratulations to everyone who took part.”

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