Teacher gains Masters degree


Nicola Watson at her graduation ceremony

Sibford School head of Early Years, Nicola Watson, has been awarded an MA in Early Childhood Education from the University of Sheffield.

Nicola, who was a family lawyer and mediator before she became a teacher, did her dissertation on Supporting Social Development in Young Children.

“I’m really interested in encouraging the social and emotional well being of very young children,” said Nicola, who joined Sibford School in 2009. “This course gave me the opportunity to build on the mediation skills I gained over my years in the legal profession and to re-focus them as principals for working with young children.

“Encouraging children to interact and communicate effectively and peacefully with each other is also very in keeping with the Quaker ethos of Sibford School.”

Sheffield University’s postgraduate course, which combines a blend of distance learning with face-to-face teaching, is specifically targeted at childhood professionals. Nicola Watson is now hoping to apply for her doctoral study on Early Childhood Education.

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