What we like about Sibford School

I have been at Sibford School since Year 7. The school has excellent pastoral care, small classes and phenomenal support for learning. When considering Sixth Form choices, I looked around numerous schools because I wanted to make sure I was making the best choice for me. But I always had the same thought … as did my parents … nothing matched up to Sibford. I can safely say, hand on heart, that Sibford is the best place for me, the best place for many and, most likely, the best place for your child.
Sophie Year 13

I joined Sibford in Year 6 and then went on to the Senior School. Sibford has a very warm and welcoming environment. There is encouragement and support in everything we do and Sibford actively encourages all pupils to take every opportunity given to us and to live adventurously. We have many different people such as politicians, authors and inventors who come into to school to talk to us. This has inspired me and broadened the way I think about things.
Bea Year 8

I’ve been at Sibford School for three years. It is a fun school which has children from nursery all the way to Sixth Form. Ever since I joined I’ve loved it because there are so many things to enjoy like Forest School, sport and, of course, lessons. One of my favourite things is the new climbing wall. The teachers are really supportive and always there to help you when you need it.
Oscar Year 6

I joined Sibford in Year 7 and have been here for over six years now. I have never really thought about leaving. I’ve always had the academic support I have needed throughout my time here and enjoy my school life both in and out of the classroom. Sibford has provided me with the environment in which I want to learn and succeed. Like the school motto says ‘Each Different. Each talented. All valued.’ Sibford has nurtured and embraced the fact that I learn in a different way to some people. I really enjoy it here and don’t want to leave. I hope that other parents will consider giving their child the same opportunities to a truly fantastic education that I have been lucky enough to receive.
Iain Year 13

I have been here at Sibford since I was in Year 4 … which means that I can tell you lots about both the Junior School and the Senior School, including the transition between the two. When I first arrived, I was very surprised by the incredible facilities on offer. Junior pupils have access to all of the whole school facilities, including the Sports Hall, the Food Room, the Music and Art blocks and many many more! Almost all of our Year 6 pupils move up to the Senior School – I guess because once you have experienced school here at Sibford, you never want to go anywhere else. Sibford is a real community. As you may have heard we are one of the few Quaker schools. We respect each other, we are kind and we try to welcome everyone in the warmest possible manner. We truly do possess every quality of the school motto that is on our jumpers and blazers – ‘Truth, Honour, Freedom and Courtesy’.
Maia Year 9

I have been a boarder at Sibford for over five years. Boarding here has made me a more confident individual and has allowed me to develop many skills. For me boarding is a home from home. The house parents have been extremely supportive, nurturing and caring, always making me feel welcome and at home. I have also made lifelong friends from all over the world and made memories that I will never forget.
India Year 12

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