About Sibford School

Sibford School in Oxfordshire is an independent co-educational day and boarding school for children aged from 3-18. The school is set in more than 50 acres of glorious grounds and is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Originally established in 1842 as a boarding school for the children of Quaker families, Sibford has, from the outset, been a centre of educational excellence.

Today Sibford welcomes pupils of all faiths (and none). However, our Quaker values, which seek to recognise ‘that of God in everyone’, remain at the heart of all we do. We believe passionately in the uniqueness of every pupil and know it is our job to seek out and nurture their gifts and develop their confidence to proved a 21st century education.

Sibford is an academically strong school, achieving excellent results at GCSE, AS and A Level, and cultivates a thirst for lifelong learning.

We are also passionate about the long-term mental health and emotional well-being of our pupils. At Junior level, this means giving them space and time to enjoy their childhood. And, as they get older, it means helping them to become rounded, community minded, confident and respectful young people.

A pupil described Sibford School with the following words: “Sibford is very different to other schools. There is a greater sense of family. Peacefulness is a virtue of the day-to-day life and the calm and relaxed environment makes it easy to learn. When talking to people who are not at Sibford I tell them how friendly it is and explain that Sibford respects each and every pupil. It offers a community where you can rely and trust in others. It is unlike anywhere else.”

Each talented. Each different. All valued.