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At Sibford School we believe that all pupils should expect an education that enables them to achieve the best possible academic and wider outcomes; to become confident, able to communicate their own views and ready to make a successful transition into adulthood.

We aim to seek out and nurture the uniqueness of every individual - an essential part of the school's commitment to a holistic approach to learning. Every pupil brings a unique pattern of strengths and areas of need to our community and we try to fulfil the potential of all pupils.

Our approach

We run a range of interventions to support pupils, as well as offering training to support classroom teachers. The provision provided takes a 3-tiered approach.


This is the teaching that a pupil receives from their class teacher and includes thoughtful adaptations to support learning needs. It also includes ensuring that all teachers are aware of how to support these learning needs, through good communication, coaching and training systems.

It may be appropriate to consider making additional special educational provision to remove or reduce any obstacles to a pupil’s learning.  This takes the form of a graduated four-part approach of:

  1. assessing a pupil’s needs;
  2. planning the most effective and appropriate intervention;
  3. deliver the intervention;
  4. reviewing the impact on a pupil’s progress towards individual learning outcomes.

Our graduated approach is delivered in either a targeted or specialist format, depending on the needs of the child.


This approach will take place outside the classroom, as a 1-to-1 or with a small group of other pupils with similar needs and led by a specialist teaching assistant. It is usually recommended by an external professional such as an Educational Psychologist or a Speech and Language Therapist but may also be advised following assessments completed by school staff. 

Targeted programmes are typically reviewed every twelve weeks, a desired outcome is agreed prior to the programme starting and parents and guardians are kept informed of their child’s progress.  When a pupil is offered targeted support, they are placed onto our SEN register for the duration of the programme.


Sometimes a child’s needs are complex, requiring a more specialist approach to help them progress in school. For these students, they are removed from elements of the mainstream curriculum and invited to the Support for Learning department with a small group of their peers, to learn a wide range of skills to help them access the curriculum independently. Specialist sessions are delivered by advanced teaching staff who have a range of expertise. Children on specialist programmes will likely remain on them for the duration of their school career. 

Meet the Head of Support for Learning

What people say about us

‘The transformation and progress made has been phenomenal, its so great to see his success and this is down to the support of the SFL team’

‘The parent support group was brilliant’

‘Our daughter has made such tremendous strides since being taught by you and I am so happy that you are involved in her lessons at Sibford school. It was such a joy to receive your telephone call and to hear that she is making such wonderful progress with you.’

‘It’s so wonderful to hear how well he’s doing. He came home and told us and we could see how chuffed he was. It means so much to him to be able to read with confidence but also to be moving in the right direction. Thank you for your amazing support.’

‘It was a pleasure to see your class in action yesterday - thank-you. Wonderful to see their progress and confidence growing and growing. It was an excellent session - two things that stood out for me were the pace and the multi-sensory nature of the tasks.’

'Our daughter is really enjoying her sessions with you and seems to be getting a lot out of it.’

‘I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your department are doing for our child. She loves learning and your recent email letter fills me with joy. What a brilliant idea getting Willow (the reading dog) into school - inspired!’

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