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Sixth Form Testimonials

Meet some of our Sixth Form students.

Our Sixth Form is made up of a diverse group of young, talented individuals. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves and to make the most of all the opportunities at Sibford School.

Some of our pupils are full time boarders, others stay just for the week or on a flexible basis, with other pupils joining as day pupils. 

Below you can read the experiences of four pupils that joined Sibford for Years 12 and 13:

Harry, Year 12 Day Pupil

I’m Harry and I joined Sibford Sixth Form in September. From Reception to Year 11, I had been to schools within the same Foundation and for Sixth Form I felt I would like a change. The school I attended from Years 7 to 11 was much bigger than Sibford so I knew it would be a completely different environment to anything I had experienced before. Although change can seem daunting at first, I feel it’s the best move I could have made. For me, the much smaller environment has had many benefits.

From day one, I have felt very welcome by everyone and feel I have settled in and made friends far more quickly than I could have hoped. The transition from GCSE to A Level is quite a challenge, requiring different study skills and a different approach to managing your workload. A much greater degree of independence and self-motivation is needed, and it can be quite a shock to the system. The smaller class sizes here mean that you can build a collaborative relationship with your teachers, which really helps you to adapt. The atmosphere at Sibford is calm, friendly and supportive. In the Sixth Form I have found that there is a strong sense of ambition and aspiration for the future.

Everyone is encouraged to be part of the community and take advantage of both co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Although you may think a larger school would offer greater opportunities and freedom, I have found the opposite to be true. The key difference at Sibford is that you are treated and valued as an individual – in a much larger school, time doesn’t allow for this. The support available to you is then entirely personal rather than general. Finally, I feel I’ve come to the best possible sixth form to help me achieve my future ambitions.

Honor, Year 12 Boarder

I joined Sibford School in September of 2022 to retake Year 12. When first hearing about Sibford School I was feeling reluctant due to the drastic difference from my sixth form college in London to a boarding school in Oxfordshire. I was apprehensive of the new location, the people and the culture surrounding Sibford. These concerns were quickly laid to rest after a few weeks here. I have been welcomed into an accepting community that prioritises individuality as well as good results.

Going to school has become enjoyable rather than feeling like a chore; from the combination of friends I have made paired with the support for personal and individual growth. I am currently studying photography which was one of the major factors in my decision to come here. The course has given me a detailed insight into the photography world and has encouraged me to pursue the industry especially avenues such as photojournalism. The art department is filled with eccentric and unique props to which they allow us to use and manipulate in each of our projects. Another thing I like about the art department is the freedom that they give you. They advise you based on the specification but allow you to interpret and express your version of it in your own way.

From a perspective as a boarder, I have experienced a friendly and accepting environment within Fielding House. The mix of people from diverse backgrounds have made unexpected connections with one another. A common interest of majority of the boarders, including me, is football. Almost every evening about 15 of us play an hour’s length game. Boarding has allowed me to make friendships with younger years which wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

The sixth form I can only describe as caring and comfortable and I’m not just talking about the nice couches they have down there. I originally began my A levels in a much more populated sixth form in London to which there wasn’t much one on one and pastoral care. Therefore, when looking for a new sixth form, it was very important to me to be in an environment of encouragement and individual progress. The sixth form focuses on everyone’s personal goal whether that’s 9’s in all exams or simply passing them.

I can say, with confidence, that Sibford School was the right environment for me to study. With all these things combined it has transformed by perception on my education career and my opportunities in terms of university and further education.

Kenza, Year 12 International Boarder

I am an international and boarding student at Sibford School. I joined the school last half term and despite having arrived quite late into the school year, I was still able to adapt and settle into this new environment with ease thanks to the awesome support and care that Sibford offers to all its pupils. It is a Quaker school, and it manages to embed Quaker’s values and ideology really well in the student’s day to day life. During meeting for worship, we are always encouraged to take a moment to reflect and sit with our thoughts before starting the week. Staff are always willing to help and they did their very best to make my first weeks as easy and stress-free as possible.

The school offers a wide range of subjects, from further maths to sociology, there really is something for everyone. My biggest class is only made up of 10 students which make learning so much more interactive and increases the opportunities for personal feedback. The school itself only has about 420 students, there is a real sense of community. I think it gives you the space to grow as a person, nurture and develop a sense of self as much as it gives you all the tools that you may need to succeed academically.

Boarding was a new experience for me but I didn’t find it half as scary as I was expecting, the boarding parents are always present to support and help you along the way. There is a real sense of community and friendship surrounding it and I don’t regret my decision in the slightest. I’m sure this experience will prepare me for future endeavours.

Dylan, Year 13 International Boarder

Sibford is located in Sibford Ferris which is a peaceful and beautiful village. It is a Quaker school. Quaker values attract me for various reasons, such as their focus on peace, equality, simplicity, and community. Quakers believe in the inner light within every person and emphasize living a life guided by this spiritual principle. They also value social justice, environmental responsibility, and ethical behaviour in both personal and business affairs. These values resonate with all students in the community.

Sibford sixth form offers a variety of subjects ranging from Further Mathematics to Sociology, Geography and creative subjects such as Art, Textiles and Photography, catering for all interests and abilities. Teachers will help you to choose subjects and accommodate your interests as much as possible even if there are clashes in option blocks. Sibford boasts small and nurturing classes, teachers can give more individualized attention to each student and help them with their specific needs. Teachers give feedback in a very short time. Smaller class sizes can lead to more student engagement and participation in class discussions and activities. Students in smaller classes often have more opportunities to ask questions, receive feedback, and practice skills, leading to deeper understanding and improved learning outcomes.

As a boarder, we are provided safety and security, health and wellness programs and facilities. Trips run every weekend such as watching football matches in Oxford and ice hockey in Milton Keynes. Boarding parents will listen to boarders’ ideas and organize different trips every week. Boarding parents are patient and responsible.

Many super-curricular opportunities are provided for students. As Economics students, we attended an event hosted by Banbury Chamber of Commerce that brought local business together to work alongside The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, who were keen to gain a better understanding of the outlook for pay and employment in the coming months. I was fortunate enough to hear the central banks short- and medium-term outlook, the need to consult business and how these consultations collectively feed into a broader national narrative that informs the architecture of economic policy and reform. The forensic scrutiny delivered by business leaders offered me an insight to the critical thinking required by businesses facing the consequences of economic shocks and the tangible reality of not finding plausible solutions. I was also a member of the Young Enterprise team that offered a fantastic platform to develop transferable skills and work on a project collaboratively from concept to completion.

I will miss Sibford when I attend university. I will miss the relationships with my teachers and fellow peers as well as the sense of belonging in the community. I have forged many friendships during my time here and experienced a different way of life. Wherever I go I will always take the values of Sibford with me.

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