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Feedback from Parents/Guardians

We understand feedback is key when deciding on a Sixth Form for your child.

Sibford Sixth Form receives continued support and messages of gratitude from parents and guardians, praising the efforts that all staff put into their children's education.

Click on a quote below to read the feedback:

'Sibford Sixth Form has provided an incredibly important bridge for our three children'

As the academic year draws to a close and the last of our three children to attend Sibford prepares for life away from the school, I wanted to express our gratitude for all the help and support you’ve provided to our family.

From an academic perspective, Sibford has provided an incredibly important bridge for our children, particularly for our son and daughter who are both now at University reading for degrees in subjects for which they have a real passion.

While we are very grateful for the academic support and inspiration that our children have received from their teachers, that’s not the primary reason for me writing to you.

We were very much struggling to see a way through for our daughter and find an environment for her that would give her the opportunity to ultimately make her own path in life. Your kindness and personal commitment to support her at that moment will never be forgotten by our family. The relief we felt that you were willing to open the door for her to join Sibford was enormous at the time.

The result is that you have changed her life massively and given her the confidence in the world around her to take the next necessary steps to adult independence. You have instilled in her the belief that she can be understood and cared for by others outside of her parents - you are a very bright star in her sky! We are eternally grateful and I hope that her progress is a personal achievement upon which you can reflect with genuine satisfaction.

'Your guidance has been truly inspiring to our daughter'

I wanted to say thank you very much for all the support that you have given to the Year 11 pupils over the last few weeks during the transition period into Sixth Form, culminating in the incredibly useful transition booklet and independent learning guide received yesterday.

Our daughter has found the support invaluable and is so looking forward to the  Sixth Form - I wouldn't even say 'starting', for I feel she has already begun. She's beavering away on the transition work and has already signed up to virtual open days at various universities, so your guidance has been truly inspiring to her. Thank you.

'Thank you for the additional effort you made with our son'

Thank you very much for the additional effort you made in helping and working with our son. We were all really delighted with his results.

We really appreciate your efforts and understanding, and we are thrilled to get him to this point and really pleased he is going off to university.

'Our son has got into Sheffield to do Physics and Astrophysics'

I'm sure you can imagine how delighted we are that our son has got into Sheffield to do Physics and Astrophysics...the only place and course he really wanted. 

I wanted to thank you for the support, inspiration and encouragement you have all given him over the years.

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