Gifted and Talented

At Sibford we recognise the responsibility we have to both identify and meet the needs of our most able pupils.

Pupils are identified as being able, gifted or talented in a variety ways and may be included on a departmental Gifted and Talented register or entered onto the whole school Gifted and Talented register.

During the academic year, termly enrichment sessions are run in school to enable students to unleash their intellectual sparkle and engage in higher order thinking skills. These are invitation only events and will typically take place in the library. In addition, we host a wide range of extra curricular activities centred on science, art, music, drama and sport to enrich the learning experience of pupils who have particular talents in these areas.

Once a year, pupils in Years 10 – 13 are given the opportunity to attend a day of lectures specifically pitched at gifted and talented youngsters. These are always thought provoking and past topics have included the nature and reality of mathematics, human genetic engineering and different ways of understanding what is meant by truth.


Sibford School runs regular twilight masterclasses and enrichment sessions for Gifted and Talented students which have been specifically designed for us by Emily Wiser, founder of Wiser Words. (www.wiserwords.co.uk)

‘I may reach God through Keats, you by Beethoven, and a third through Einstein. Should not education to the Christian mean just this – enlarging and cultivating the country of God; and the subjects on any school timetable be thought of as avenues to an increasingly fuller life in God, or, to change the metaphor, windows, each of which gives a new view of the Kingdom of Heaven? … No examination has yet been devised the passing of which will guarantee wisdom or culture. For these are slow-growing breeds, matters of character as well as of intellect and sentiment, the outcome of long exposure to the influences of truth and beauty.’

Caroline C Graveson, Quaker faith & practice 23.79

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