Junior School Curriculum


The curriculum in the Junior School is central to the bespoke education we seek to deliver. We believe passionately in the uniqueness of every pupil and it is our job to seek out and nurture their individual gifts and talents.

Unshackled from the National Curriculum, our varied and innovative curriculum encourages the children to engage proactively with their learning. There remains a strong focus on the core subjects of literacy, numeracy and science. However, our approach is tailored to the children’s needs and delivered in a manner that supports all learners. All pupils make strong progress, whatever their starting point.

Running through the curriculum is an embedded focus on soft skills such as teamwork, respect and communication, transcending the individual subjects. Outdoor education, in its many forms, underpins every aspect of the curriculum.

Junior School pupils also enjoy the facilities of the wider school campus, including the purpose built music school, drama studio, food technology suite, science laboratories and first class sports facilities, including a 25 metre indoor swimming pool.

All pupils have access to a rich musical experience and are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

Those pupils identified as being gifted and talented are offered the opportunity to be involved in a variety of enrichment and extension activities designed to help stretch their minds and make the most of their abilities.

Specialist staff and teaching facilities from Sibford’s Support for Learning programme are available to assist children requiring additional support for a broad range of learning needs.

Extra Curricular Activities

Sibford School runs an extensive programme of extra curricular activities.
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