Entry Process


Entry process for EYFS is flexible and can be built around the needs of the family. Children applying for a place in Nursery or Reception are invited to attend a short taster session/s to ensure that we are able to meet their needs. Children can join nursery from the September after they turn 3. They can undertake tasters during the preceding summer term but, if they have not yet turned 3, a parent/carer would need to accompany the child at these sessions.

Junior School

Children applying for a place in our Junior School are invited to attend a two-day taster session. Typically, the first day will be spent getting to know prospective peers, teachers and the learning environment. On the second day children will undergo assessments focusing on core skills in reading, spelling and mathematics. These will be carried out on a one-to-one basis with a member of the Junior School Support for Learning department.

Senior School

Following receipt of a formal application, your child will be invited to join us for taster and assessment as follows:

Year 7

Our Entry Days for children joining Year 7 in 2020 will take place on 23 and 24 January 2020. These days are designed to offer prospective pupils a warm welcome to the school whilst assessing their ability to thrive in an academic environment. There is no prior preparation needed for the days.  Children will be expected to join us for the Wednesday and Thursday during which time they will undergo assessment and join in with a number of fun activities alongside our current Year 6 pupils. They will also meet with Sibford Head, Toby Spence. Children who are interested in boarding/flexi boarding would be welcome to join us overnight in our boarding houses.

Where 2020 applications are received after January, children will be invited to attend a two-day taster and assessment session. 

Years 8 – 10

Children entering year groups 8 – 10 are invited to join us for two consecutive days of taster and assessment. Children will be buddied with prospective peers and will attend classes so that they can experience the routines, teaching and general atmosphere of the school. They will also have an interview with the Head, Toby Spence.


If you are applying for a boarding place, your child will also be invited to spend a night with us in the boarding house.

At the end of the taster day(s), Toby Spence is usually available to meet prospective pupils and their parents and to answer any questions. 

Acceptance of Place

Shortly after your child’s taster day you will be contacted by the school to let you know if a place has been offered. A formal offer letter, together with an Acceptance Form, will then be sent to you in the post. Parents/guardians will need to complete the Acceptance Form and return it to the school, accompanied by a fee deposit (note there is no fee deposit required for children joining EYFS)This deposit will be held by the school until your child leaves, at which point it will be returned, less any extras incurred for the last term. Please note that once a place has been formally accepted, then the fee deposit is non-refundable if your child does not subsequently take up the place.

Sixth Form

Unless undertaking a vocational course, entry to Sibford Sixth Form is largely dependent on the student achieving 5 A*~ C grades at GCSE. Prospective students are also required to produce a piece of free writing and to have an interview with the Head, Toby Spence, or a member of the Sixth Form team.

Pupils from other schools are strongly encouraged to spend a taster day in our Sixth Form attending classes relevant to their choice of A Level study.

Sibford School also offers an Intermediate Course. This is a one-year course designed to help students improve and broaden their qualifications before attempting A Levels or other courses of study. There are no minimum grade requirements for students enrolling on this course, but they will be expected to attend a taster day and an interview with the Head, Toby Spence, or a member of the Sixth Form team.

Acceptance of Sixth Form Place

As with Junior and Senior School, formal acceptance of a place at Sibford Sixth Form should be accompanied by a fee deposit (unless the child is an existing pupil at Sibford School, in which case a deposit will already be held).Once a place has been formally accepted, then the fee deposit is non-refundable if your child does not subsequently take up the place. Should the place be withdrawn due to lack of required grades, the deposit will be returned in full (less any extras incurred in the case of existing students).

International Students

For details of entry process for International Students click here

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